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Executive Function is the cognitive process that is truly "the brains behind everything we do". Executive functions bring goals to fruition, help to make relationships operational and daily activities manageable. Executive functions regulate memory, attention, planning, problem solving, self monitoring, reasoning and inhibition. They are involved in day to day functioning, and human interactions. Executive functions help us to get things DONE!


Problems in executive functions can exist as a result of many things including menopause, illness, advancing age, dementia, diabetes, depression, learning disabilities or because of Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

Young professional getting ADD coaching aat knowADHD
People with ADHD can have deficits in executive function, however not everyone with deficits in executive function has ADHD. 
If executive functions are weak, coaching can help strengthen them.

When people talk about executive function deficits, they are referring to neurocognitive and behavioral symptoms. These can impact cognition (the way you think), behavior (the way you do things & behave), emotion (the way you feel), memory and motivation. Dr. Russell Barkley identifies executive functioning deficits as a problem of self regulation. As such, controlling, maintaining and supervising yourself in almost all functions is compromised. The result then is that you struggle to initiate or sustain motivation, hold information in your memory, organize, plan and execute projects or daily activities, maintain persistence to achieve goals, monitor and manage time and inhibit impulsivity or distraction. Along with these difficulties, some people may also experience increased anxiety or depression.


At knowADHD, ADHD coaching informed psychotherapy incorporates psycho-education, coachin, counselling, academic and professional support as well as behavioral and cognitive behavioral therapy especially in the development of tools and strategies to support you in achieving your goals.  


Coaching is all about finding the solutions and 'tricks' that work for you. Based on available research, we know that by externalizing tools, increasing motivation through accountability and consequences or figuring out how and when to 'refuel' the energy tank optimum executive functions are possible.





Organize information you receive at work or in school in order to effectively complete projects 

Persist despite distractions or boredom in completing the tasks or projects that need to get done 

Time manage using strategies that work in your life

Inhibit the impulses (overspending, overeating, angry outbursts) that can wreak havoc in your life 

Memory manage - that is, to hold in mind the facts, names and information that you need to function in your daily life 

Understand how to best use your strengths, resources and supports 

Metacognition is the ability to observe yourself so you can manage your inner experience while effectively regulating how you're dealing with others around you. In this way, you are able to self monitor, self evaluate and self regulate 

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