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Registered Psychotherapist of Ontario
Executive Function and ADHD Coach

Susan Eiley, M.Ed



Thank you for taking the time to visit this site. I know that when you have decided to seek help for anything - be it support, resources or treatment - there are a lot of services to consider. So I've pulled together some things here to assist you in getting the information you need. I know that the other important part of choosing to work with someone is the connection you feel with them. For this reason, please take advantage of the complimentary consultation that I offer. Check out the fit.  See if this is the right choice for you.


....a bit about my philosophy


I believe that people find the best in themselves and others when the environment they're in is supportive, nonjudgmental, informed and respectful. Being privileged to be a part of people's efforts to change, I have seen how crucial it is for them to be reminded of their value. Too often people blame themselves for having ADHD - as if it's the result of something they've done wrong. It's not!  I've seen the power of ADHD in the strengths of those with it (spontaneity, creativity, originality). And I've seen its power in preventing people from being who they want to be with thoughts or behavioural patterns that don't serve them well.  That's where my specialized coaching comes in and why this unique collaboration can empower possibilities and hope.  


.... a bit about my inspiration


I've lived in close quarters with ADHD for a long time. As the parent of a child with it, I have wrestled with the confusion, the diagnosis, the treatment choices, the systems affected, and the many frustrations to figure it all out. Navigating this road has presented many challenges. However, the difficulties have also been mollified by unanticipated surprises. They've reminded me that ADHD affects each person and the whole family in a unique and unpredictable way.  As time passes and I see more information and support becoming available, I am energized - personally and professionally - by the promise of change.  I love that I can be a part of it by offering a meaningful and comprehensive service like knowADHD specialized coaching. 


....a bit about how I got here... 


For about a decade, along with a psychiatrist and dietitian, I developed and delivered the SHIFT for Life program in Toronto to help people struggling with obesity with lifestyle challenges related to weight management. We worked in groups or one to one adapting and optimizing strategies, beliefs and practices to find an approach (not a diet) that fit each person. A lot of participants discovered that what they had always thought was 'their fault because they have poor will power', was in fact ADHD. Learning about this neurobiological problem was really powerful. It brought many great relief and a hopefulness about their lives that was so meaningful and inspiring that I decided that I wanted to work exclusively with ADHD.


...a bit about my training...


I am a registered psychotherapist and have a master's degree in adult education from OISE at the University of Toronto. I completed a clinical training program in brief and narrative therapies at the Hincks Dellcrest Training Centre and an ADHD coach training program through the ADD Coaching Academy (ADDCA). Coursework in cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness, counselling and interpersonal psychotherapy have also been useful in my work.


Being a parent to a child with executive function challenges is part of my informal but important training.  I've witnessed the struggles that come with challenges in self regulation, prioritizing, planning and a weak working memory. This personal experience informs my work and my work informs my experience. 


More information about my professional training and highlights can be found here.

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