Am I ready for knowADHD specialized coaching?

Ask yourself:  Am I interested in making changes? Do I want to better understand the way ADHD impacts me? Would I enjoy sitting with an empathic supportive person who can ask me meaningful, thought provoking questions about how I go about getting things done, what gets in the way and what to do about it? Am I looking to grow and design the future I want? If you answered YES, you're ready.. 


What are the benefits of knowADHD specialized coaching?

knowADHD's specialized coaching benefits can include improved relationships & communication skills, increased self-awareness and insight, personalized strategies that address challenges associated with ADHD, improved self-esteem, reduced sense of shame and blame, enhanced productivity, time management and planning. knowADHD specialized coaching helps you learn how to work around or through difficulties, identify your strengths and challenge counterproductive thought patterns.







I think I may have ADHD, what should I do?

Although you don't need to have a diagnosis to seek service at knowADHD, many people find it helpful to know definitively what's going on. You can take the Adult ADHD Self Report Scale. Speak with your doctor about an ADHD assessment. Or find a psychologist to do an ADHD assessment. Consider a clinical assessment for a more affordable option. 


knowADHD specialized coaching sounds like it is for me. What do I do next?

Book a complimentary consultation here. Get your questions answered. Next, schedule an appointment for an Impact & Planning Intake Meeting where we will talk about your history of strengths and challenges as well as your goals and expectations. During this time, we'll also be able to determine if this is the right service and fit for you. If it is, we'll start the process!


How many coaching sessions do people have?

The number varies depending on your needs. People engage in at least 3 months of weekly sessions and many knowADHD clients continue their work here for one or more years thereafter.


I'm a student on OSAP at an Ontario university & am not sure how to pay for these services.

If you are registered with your school's accessibility office, speak to your counsellor about qualifying for a bursary that could cover some of the costs of our ADHD coaching informed specialized psychotherapy delivered by a registered psychotherapist. 


Where else can I get help for ADHD - especially if I can't afford any coaching?

There are so many available resources online. Look at knowADHD's Facebook page or Resources page. Check out ADHD support groups, productivity circles, podcasts and audio files (ADDitude Magazine) and downloadable resources (CADDRA) . 


Where can I learn more about ADHD?

Check out knowADHD's Resource page and the  ADHD resource guides  CHADD and Understood.


FAQs on coaching can be found at the International Coaching Federation and on ADHD coaching at ADHD Coaches Organization