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knowADHD Coaching Topics Survey

Adult Self Report Scale (ASRS)  - ADHD screening tool 


ADHD: A Changing Diagnosis

The Agenda with Steve Paikin


Watch Jonathan Mooney's "The Gift: LD/ADHD Reframed"


Dr. Carol Dweck's Mindset Works

Abilities can be developed


University of North Carolina Learning Center

Helpful tips, apps, websites and more



Strategies and Support for ADHD & LD


ADD Consults

Help and resources for women with ADD


Dr Hallowell's "Live a Better Life"


ADHD in Adults

Blog for adults with ADHD


Tivers Clinical Specialties

Helpful 'techie' tools


Russell Barkley Ph.D

Watch Understanding ADHD

Thomas E. Brown Ph.D

ADHD and Executive Function

Gina Pera

ADHD and Couples


ADHD and Marriage

Melissa Orlov and Dr. Ned Hallowell write about the impact of ADHD on couples

Michelle Garcia Winner's Social Thinking

Programs and teachniques for developing social skills and strategies for self regulation


Sari Solden

Women and ADHD


Patricia Quinn M.D.

The impact of ADHD on women