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Would you like to be organized and get things done? What if you had a system for scheduling, prioritizing, getting motivated and remembering to do things? Enjoy the support and experience of others while you participate in a cognitive behavioral therapy group program based on clinically researched and tested techniques*. Groups run twice a year (numbers permitting) and meet weekly. 

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This 6 week psycho-social group program targets time management. Difficulties with estimating time, being on time, sleep habits, understanding scheduling, planning study sessions or project completion are addressed.


Skills and strategies are developed individually while in the group. A cognitive behavioral therapy and psycho-educational approach is used. Weekly homework is an integral part of the program.

It's not that you don't know what to do; the problem is doing what you know. 
      -Russell Barkley

This six week psycho-social group program targets organization. Difficulties with setting up, implementing and maintaining organizational systems as well as project planning and implementation are addressed.  


This group program builds on the skills and strategies developed in knowADHD Group 1. It also takes a cognitive behavioral therapy and psychoeducational approach. Weekly homework is an integral part of the program. 


*The knowADHD group programs draw on the principles of coaching and on the CBT treatment program for adult ADHD developed Dr. Mary Solanto of Mt Sinai Hospital, New York as well as the one by Dr. Steven Safren et al. at Harvard and Massachusetts General Hospital.


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